Choose for people and the planet

If everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated greenhouse gas emissions at the rate of the average European, we would need the resources of 2,6 planets to maintain our way of life. Most of these resources are coming from developing countries.

The social, economical and environmental challenge we face now is to create a new Europe that lives and grows within the limits of our one planet. This is the only way to create a more stable and prosperous future for us and future generations.

You can often feel that a single voice isn’t going to change much – but making sure your voice is heard is crucial. There are several ways in which you can engage with politicians, companies and people on issues like climate change and environmental degradation:.

  • Get in touch with your politicians at local, national and European level and keep them accountable about their work to better protect the environment and the climate;
  • Engage on online platforms and social media to make your voice heard, notably via petitions and e-actions; and
  • Urge institutions and groups you’re a member of – such as your university – to invest more responsibly and cut funding from fossil fuels.
  • Choose your own set of solutions to suit your lifestyle – and remember, small acts summed up around the world make a big difference

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